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Hernia Mesh Complications

To repair and prevent a hernia, a doctor may implant a woven sheet of flexible mesh to patch the area instead of stitching it.

Manufacturers of hernia mesh devices are currently facing thousands of lawsuits for injuries caused by their use.

Past medical device injuries have resulted in settlements or awards reaching into the tens or hundreds of thousands or more.

FDA Recall and Warnings

2006: FDA issues a Class 1 Recall for the Composix Kugel Patch. This was manufactured by C.R. Bard. However, most of this company’s mesh products still remain on the market.

2016: An Emergency Safety Alert was issued by the FDA for Jonhson & Johnson’s Physiomesh products after thousands of reports of patients suffered serious injury. The Ethicon division manufactured this product and other hernia mesh products remain on the market.

2015: Warning letters regarding problems with sterility were issued for the C-QUR mesh manufactured by Atrium. During 2015, the product was named in multiple complaints and lawsuits but has not been removed from the market.

Notable Settlements and Trials

Hundreds of millions from C.R. Bard’s Davol division has been paid out due to a class-action lawsuit and medical injury lawsuits over its Composix Kugel mesh, transvaginal mesh and other surgical products.

The first federal trial for Johnson & Johnson - Ethicon’s Physiomesh Flexible Composite Mesh has been set for September 2019. Ethicon has faced some of the most publicized lawsuits for both transvaginal mesh and hernia mesh.

Atrium Medical’s C-QUR surgical mesh lawsuits in federal court are expected to begin in February of 2020.

Claims Available for Hernia Mesh Complications


Allegations include failure to adequately warn about safety risks and the potential problems associated with polypropylene, a plastic material used in mesh products.


It is important to consider having an attorney review your medical information following complications due to mesh implants. Get help today from someone who can be your advocate for your claim.


Drug companies have a responsibility to provide safe products. Patients may receive compensation when these companies breach their duties, which is the cause of the harm.


Victims who have been unable to work due to adverse side effects caused by hernia mesh implants may qualify for compensation. Factors may include age, occupation, experience, and life expectancy.

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